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 Snow Any time!

Snow Any time!

SnöFlake is the snow machine above zero

The SnöFlake 50T is designated for larger surface as alpine ski slope or any large events during summer.

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  • Production capacity: 110 cubic meter/ 24 hours (144 cu yard/24 hours)   |    1,34 acre-ft/15 days
  • Power: 154 kVA
  • Power supply available: 400 V 50 Hz (others available)
  • Amps at rated: 240 A
  • Container dimension: L 12192mm X W 2438mm X H 2896mm (L 480in X W 96in X H 114 in)
  • Weight 12500 Kg (27558 lb)
  • Water supply: 34,75 l/min (9,07 USG/ min)
  • Refrigerant: 102 kg (224.4 lbs)




1325 Rue des Riveurs
Suite 210
Lévis, Québec G6Y 0A2


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