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 Snow Any time!

Snow Any time!

SnöFlake is the snow machine for warm temperatures

The SnöFlake 30T is designated for small area of the unit to be moved frequently as a cross country ski trail. We may also use the SnöFlake 30T for a small alpine ski slope. This could be use for small events during summer.

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  • Production capacity: 55 cubic meter/ 24 hours (72 cu yard/24 hours)   |     0,67 acre-ft/15 days
  • Power: 76,92 kVA
  • Power supply available: 400 V / 3HP / 50 Hz (others available)
  • Amps at rated: 125 A
  • Container dimension: L 6058mm x W 2438mm x H 2896mm (L 240 in x W 96in x H 114 in)
  • Weight :7500 Kg (16500 lb)
  • Water supply: 17,4 l/min (4,535 USG/ min)
  • Refrigerant: 50 kg (112.2 lbs)
  • New impulse system conveying up to 60m distance and more






SnöFlake Industries inc.

994 rue des Calfats
Lévis, Québec G6Y 9V5, CANADA


T. 1-418-903-6403

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