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 Snow Any time!

Snow Any time!

Make snow above freezing temperature!
Start your season in October!
On wheels and Easy site relocation
Plug-and-Play System
International Patent
Amazing Quality of Snow




SnöFlake is a snow machine working in warm temperatures. This is the perfect equipment to cover areas in ski resorts or for promotional outside events. SnöFlake has a modern refrigeration system with a flexible capacity adaptation for optimum production.

Snow is produced by the advanced cooling technology by the specially designed flake ice evaporator. This is a snow machine producing small flakes ice also named snow flakes. These snow flakes are produced from water freezing without any chemical additive. This is the most energy efficient system in the market.

We are eco-friendly and we use a small quantity of refrigerant compared to other systems in this market.

All machines have a certification of performance certified by an independent audit firm. SnöFlake is a containerised snow making machine that can easily be relocated should the need arise. 

You make snow where you want and when you want! The new impulse conveying system permit to convey snow to a distance up to 80 m (260 ft.). Longer conveying distance reduce the use for snow groomer. Longer trails may have multiple SnöFlakes machine. The containerized system permits to install it on site with less cost.

  • A new technology available in North America, Australia, New-Zealand, Japan
  • Super performance offering trouble free operation
  • Plug and play & Easy site relocation
  • Energy efficient & Eco concern
  • Short pay back
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer
  • International Patent

SnöFlake Industries inc.

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